Gepostet: 01.02.2021

Annelie's realFAB Tours & City Walks

Vienna’s pastry shops as well as some bars and restaurants have found delicious ways to help us pass the time until a relaxing of the coronavirus restrictions is possible again. For instance you get fresh pancakes filled with abricot jam at a stand in front of ‘Schwarzes Kameel’ these days. This bar/restaurant is Vienna’s downtown place to be after work, a favourite watering hole for many Viennese when there is not a pandemic going on. At the ‘Demel’ pastry shop you currently even have a cooking show taking place at the store windows, much to the delight of people strolling along Kohlmarkt. It is indeed a mouth watering experience to look at the pastry chefs working on fluffy pancakes and shredding them in huge pans, thus producing ‘Kaiserschmarr’n’. A traditional Vienna dessert eaten warm and melting in your mouth. Worth seeing and worth trying. One of the many reasons making Vienna so loveable and liveable. Even in pandemic times ...
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